• Kendall Marie

DIY Sidewalk Chalk...Paint?

Are you even a true Pinterest-er if you've never had a Pinterest Fail?

Sometimes it's user error/lack of experience - something looked totally doable but ended up requiring a Culinary Arts Degree - and sometimes I wonder if the pin was nothing more than a cruel joke, something the author know will never come to fruition even with instructions followed 'to a T.'

Hoping to avoid a store run for Sidewalk Chalk the other day, I decided to look for a DIY version - we go thru some serious sidewalk chalk in this house, could there be some magic money saving recipe that I didn't know of? Much to my not-surprise (seriously, what DIY tutorial doesn't Pinterest have) there were pages upon pages of pins with sidewalk chalk recipes, and all the titles boasted something about how much money you'd save in making your own - awesome, skip the store run and save money?! Doesn't get much better than that!

Now, here's wherein the problem lied - almost all the recipes were a slight variation of the same - Plaster of Paris, Warm Water, and Paint. Well, I didn't have Plaster of Paris, and so I made the crucial mistake of going against the masses, opting to try the one recipe that didn't need Plaster of Paris. Instead I found one that called for Corn Starch, Water & Food Coloring - perfect! You basically mixed these three ingredients together, froze it in an ice cube tray, and that's it! Why it didn't occur to me what a red flag the mention of 'much like chalk paint' was, and why I didn't realize how quickly warm little toddler hands would melt frozen ice chalk....frozen ice chalk made of food coloring...I don't even know!

I posted the ice cube tray ready to go into the freezer on my IG story, joking about whether or not this would be a Pinterest fail - still not accepting that there was no way this would be anything but a fail! #MomBrain

The next day I pulled the tray out of the freezer, brought it out to the driveway, and it is then that it finally dawned on me that I had nothing more than a tray of frozen sidewalk paint on my hands - Pinterest FAIL. Thankfully, boys will be boys, and this messy sidewalk paint was right up their alley, blue hands, shorts, and all - Mom WIN!

While it didn't go as planned, the boys had so much fun with it I do believe we will make it again soon! I'm thinking for next time of skipping the ice part and instead just making a few colors of chalk paint so they can paint their sidewalk murals?! It will probably be more age appropriate for my oldest two and my youngest may still end up with more on himself than the driveway, but we'll see how it goes!

The paint really dried surprisingly bright! (and easily washed off later with the hose)

To make your own Sidewalk Chalk Paint...

Step 1 - Mix Equal Parts Corn Starch & Water

Step 2 - Add food coloring to achieve desired Color

Step 3 (optional) - Pour into ice cube tray and freeze

Comment below with your most memorable Pinterest Fail - was there any saving it?