• Kendall Marie

Lemon Volcano

It's my boys' Spring Break this week, and so of course we went from beautiful 80+ degree beach weather while they were in school, to barely 60 degrees, no sun-to-be-found weather this week. With our normal Spring Break go-to (the beach) being out of the question, I've been left looking for activities that I can set up and get all 3 boys involved - no easy feat when their ages range from 2 to 10! Thankfully, as my two year old likes to say he's "not a baby," and genuinely enjoys doing 'big kid' activities, so that, and the fact that they're all very much your typical boys that like anything messy - has made finding a middle ground a little easier this week.

I mentioned doing a lemon volcano today and my oldest two were all in - my youngest probably didn't know what we meant by volcano, but he saw his brothers excited for it and quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Mess wise it wasn't the worst, we kept it pretty contained minus some blue stained fingers ( if I did it over again I personally would skip the food coloring,) I had everything on hand already in my kitchen which is always a win in my book, and they each got to eat a lemon slice (from an extra lemon) after, which is always a win in their book, and so all together it seemed like a win!

What you'll need


Dish Soap

Baking Soda

Butter Knife

Food Coloring (optional)

Step 1 - Roll your lemon. This project is going to work off of the lemon juice, so rolling your lemon on the table and getting the juices inside it flowing, is a good starting point.

Step 2 - Cut the lemon in half, and cut a small amount off each end to allow your two halves to sit flat.

Step 3 - Using the butter knife, gently break up the inside of the lemon. If you're going to add food coloring, do so at this point as well.

Step 4 - Pour a small amount of dish soap onto each half of your lemon.

Step 5 - Coat the top of each lemon half in baking soda - you will see your volcano start to erupt at this point, but to further the reaction, use your butter knife to fully mix the baking soda into the lemon juice and watch the full eruption!

Clean Up Tip: Both Lemon slices and Baking soda are good things to periodically put down your garbage disposal to help remove any gunk and keep your sink smelling fresh so when we were finished with the lemon volcano it went straight down the garbage disposal - two birds one stone!