• Kendall Marie

Post It Matching

Whether done sitting at a table, or with a paper taped to a wall as seen above, Post It Matching is a quick and easy set up Activity that can be modified for a variety of ages and skill levels.

Level I

If you're still working on letter recognition as we are, matching an uppercase to an uppercase letter is a great place to start, they don't have to know the letter, just find what the post it note matches on the paper. (You also could have them match shapes or numbers)

Level II

To make it a little more challenging, you can put upper case letters on the Post It's, and have them match to their correct lower case letter on the paper.

Level III

For older or more advanced kids, switch it to a math activity, put an equation on the post it note, to be matched to it's answer on the paper. (i.e. a post it note that says 1+2 will match to the 3 on the paper)

'T is for Me" - Tyler

When all is said and done, all the Post it Notes should end up on the paper, set up is quick and clean up is even quicker. Would love to see pictures of your littles with their finished Post It Note Activities!